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Founder, Producer, Host
The Story of Woman

I am the founder, producer and host of The Story of Woman podcast which I launched in March 2022.

Featuring interviews with those who explore our world through the female gaze, The Story of Woman podcast looks at everything from the economy, healthcare, gender roles, and more - diving deep into at where we are, how we got here and what still needs to be changed in order to (finally) rewrite the story of mankind to become the story of humankind.

As a one-woman operation, I have done everything from creating the brand and website, to all things pre- and post-production, to executing a multi-national publicity plan.

Within one year of launching it, I secured interviews with former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Cherie Blair (human rights lawyer and wife of former Prime Minister Tony Blair), Alicia Garza (co-creator of the #BlackLivesMatter movement), and Lindsey Vonn (world-renowned Olympic skier), among others.

Producer, Host, Writer
Health Unmuted

A nurse by background, I have been able to combine my passion for storytelling with my experience as a nurse working as a producer, host, and writer for Health Unmuted.


Health Unmuted is a comprehensive library of short-format, narrated podcasts covering a wide range of health conditions and treatment areas spanning cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, neurological, oncological, psychological, and more. Each series shares insights from health experts and people with firsthand experience as a patient or carer.


Guest Host
Margaret Atwood Live Event

I host interviews and moderate live events for organizations, including The Trouble Club, a female-led members club where women and men can learn from different speakers at talks, discussions and intimate dinners.

I am available to do this where I am based in London, or around the world. For example, I conducted the interview ahead of Margaret Atwood for 500+ live audience members (and 300+ virtual) in Toronto, Canada. My conversation was with Ella Cooper, a multimedia artists, award winning cultural leader, and Toronto native.


Producer, Guest Host
Mission Based Media

I am the producer of multiple podcasts created for leading healthcare organisations by Mission Based Media, and as part of the Health Podcast Network - one of the largest and fastest-growing collections of high-quality health podcasts.

I also host episodes for our clients, for example this "Coffee Talk" episode by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Fellows program.


Any and Everything
Your Podcast!

Have an idea for a podcast but not sure where to start? Organization looking to create a podcast that engages your audience and builds brand recognition? Existing podcaster looking to take your show to the next level?


Wherever you are in the journey, I’m able to provide support and help make your vision a reality!


Whether you want a full-time producer or a one-time consultation, we can come up with a plan tailored to your needs, timeline, and budget.

Read more about the services I provide.

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