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Creating a podcast is about much more than recording 30 or 60-minutes of audio – it’s about creating a community of loyal and engaged listeners by offering stories that are distinctive, captivating, and consistent. 


People are busy, and there are a lot of demands for our attention. I’ll help you create something unique that stands out in this crowded space, gets noticed by your target audience and keeps them coming back for more.

In short...

Have an idea for a podcast but not sure where to start? Existing podcaster looking to take your show to the next level?


Whether you want a full-time producer that coordinates the entire process or a one-time consultation to brainstorm your upcoming launch, we can come up with a plan tailored to your needs, timeline, and budget to help make your vision a reality.

Read more about pricing, services offered, and projected timelines here.


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What I can offer

At a competitive rate tailored to your objectives, my services are available for hire hourly, daily, for one project, or an ongoing basis. That's the beauty of working with an individual - no bureaucracy, no mandatory way of doing things... just you, me, and your podcast!

Producer – oversee the podcast from ideation to launch:

  • brainstorm and story mapping – create the overall podcast structure and episodic flow

  • research and script writing – preparing episode questions, writing scripts

  • technical support – set up podcast host, RSS feed, virtual recording software, editing and post-production services

  • record and produce episodes – prep the host and guest, attend recordings, provide technical support and troubleshooting

  • post-production – turn raw interviews into compelling podcast, overseeing editing team through revisions

  • ensure podcast meets all internal deadlines and objectives


Host – guest or regular host on podcast:

  • research and prepare questions

  • interview one or more guests

  • produce episode(s) – encompassing all the above responsibilities


Moderate – in-person interviews and events


I can also project manage the entire podcast, including sourcing and coordinating with:

  • Audio editors

  • Sound designers

  • Podcast marketers – for social media, press releases, and beyond

  • Designers – for cover art, website, social media assets


In just one year, I turned my podcast – The Story of Woman – into a high-quality, successful show that has hosted prominent guests such as former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Cherie Blair (human rights lawyer and wife of former Prime Minister Tony Blair), Alicia Garza (co-creator of #BlackLivesMatter), Lindsey Vonn (world-renowned Olympic skier) and more.


From creating the brand and website, to all things pre- and post-production, to executing a multi-national publicity plan, I did all of this as a one-woman operation. My first-hand experience with every facet of podcast production enables me to understand the process inside and out. I can be the conductor, or the captain, that steers your vision into reality.

Read more about my experience.

Values and work ethic

In order to create content that keeps people coming back for more, you need to understand people. I have always been fascinated by human behaviour and the social systems that we operate in, and have a relentless passion for deepening my understanding.

I’m also:

  • Extremely organized – key to coordinating any kind of project

  • Highly communicative – there will be no question as to if / when / how things will be delivered

  • On time, every time – deliverables always within the agreed timeline

  • Incredibly adaptable – life is known to throw curveballs every now and again... I am open and flexible in my work processes, and always able to advise and reprioritize as plans change

  • Insatiably curious – I’ll likely dive deep into whatever content your podcast covers, if I haven’t done so already (free of charge!)

  • A bottomless pit of ideas – my imagination is vast, with a strong ability to draw connections and create unparalleled schools of thought, ideas, and storylines

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