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A bit about me

Podcast producer, host, and wannabe sociologist, I have a passion for people and telling stories that help us understand and connect with one another.

In just one year, I turned my podcast – The Story of Woman – into a successful show that has hosted prominent guests such as former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Cherie Blair (wife of former Prime Minister Tony Blair), Alicia Garza (co-creator of #BlackLivesMatter), and Lindsey Vonn (world-renowned skier).

American based in London, I also freelance as a guest host or moderator on podcasts or at live events, and as a podcast producer or consultant to help people and organizations go from idea to launch... and season 20.

Exclusive, first-time ever joint interview with Hillary Clinton and Cherie Blair

My services

What people are saying...

Cherie Blair, CBE KC

 Founder, leading international human rights lawyer, wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair

‘It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Anna, with my dear friend Hillary Clinton, for the launch episode of the new Story of Woman: Changemakers podcast series. We discussed wide-ranging topics, from the relationships we have with other important women in our lives, the work of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and how important it is to keep pushing for gender equality for women around the world. Anna navigated all of these topics with ease and led a stimulating and thought-provoking conversation.’

Dr. Willie Parker

OB/GYN, reproductive justice advocate, author of Life's Work

"The smartest, best interview I’ve ever given. Your skill as an interviewer allowed us to create something very powerful. I’m grateful to you for the opportunity. I’m hooked on your podcast.” 

Gill Whitty-Collins

speaker, consultant, author of Why Men Win at Work

"Anna is a brilliant host, one of the best I have worked with. She is highly professional in her preparation and execution and, importantly, really thinks about the interview and content in advance so she can put forward questions which enable a clear and logical discussion flow. Anna’s management of the discussion is also excellent, including sharing her own powerful insights."

Dr. Paula Stone Williams

TED Speaker, LGBTQ Advocate, author of As a Woman

"I do a lot of podcasts in the course of a year, and Anna was one of my favorite hosts. Her questions were thought provoking and brought out the best in me. Time flew by. Anna knows what she is doing!"
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